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Love About Invisalign Teen

Dr. Stoll: 3 Things I Love About Invisalign Teen

Hi, I’m Dr. Greg Stoll of Stoll Orthodontics in Thornton, Colorado and today I want to talk with you about my top three favorite aspects of Invisalign Teen.

1. They’re practically invisible

First of all, Invisalign Teen aligners are clear so you can hardly even see them on the teeth. The aesthetics are amazing and they’re really comfortable. The lips and cheeks don’t rub like they would against braces. I did Invisalign on my own teeth about 18 years ago during my orthodontic residency, and they’re much more comfortable than the braces I had about 25 years ago.

2. Better oral hygiene

My second favorite thing about Invisalign Teen is that maintaining good oral hygiene is much easier than with braces. You can take them out and you can floss and brush normally and then put them back in. Braces are often hard to brush around and can sometimes collect food debris a little bit more plaque can build up. Invisalign Teen is a much cleaner appliance.

3. No food restrictions

The third thing I love about Invisalign Teen is that there are no food restrictions. You can take them out and eat whatever you want, even if it’s corn on the cob, caramel apple or even toffee at Christmas time. It’s amazing there are no food restrictions.

So there you have it. My three favorite things about Invisalign Teen. If you would like to see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign or Invisalign Teen, give us a call at (303) 450-2211 to schedule your free new patient consultations. We offer in-office and virtual appointments for your convenience.

Stoll Orthodontics is located in Thornton, CO, and proudly serves the Thornton, Westminster, and Broomfield communities and the surrounding area. Dr. Stoll offers early orthodontic care as well as Invisalign and braces treatment options for kids, teens, and adults. Please call us at (303) 450-2211 or schedule your complimentary in-office or virtual consultation online today.



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