X-Rays in Orthodontics

Importance of X-Rays in Orthodontics

Your orthodontic x-rays play an extremely important role in providing Dr. Stoll and his team with a comprehensive picture of your teeth, bones, and surrounding tissues. Not only do x-rays help Dr. Stoll get a complete picture of your mouth, but they can also assist him in the early detection of orthodontic treatment.

Along with the information gathered through the iTero Digital Scanner, x-ray images are vital pieces of the orthodontic treatment process. These images help Dr. Stoll craft the perfect treatment for the quickest treatment results! X-rays are also a great tool for monitoring and digitizing treatment progress. Our team utilizes x-rays to improve your treatment outcomes and to give you the best smile possible! 


Why are x-rays necessary?

X-rays allow Dr. Stoll and his team to see a comprehensive image of your teeth, jaws, tissue, and surrounding structures to properly assess any orthodontic issues and develop a custom treatment plan for you.

How Do X-Rays Work?

Orthodontic x-rays work by emitting a small, safe amount of ionizing radiation through your mouth to capture detailed images of your teeth, jaw bones, and tissue. The digital sensor of an x-Ray converts the images captured into film so Dr. Stoll and his team can accurately prescribe orthodontic treatment.

Intraoral X-Rays

X-rays taken inside of the mouth to capture detailed images of your teeth, roots, and tissues, and are used to help find precise diagnoses of your teeth.

Extraoral X-Rays

X-rays taken outside the mouth to capture a comprehensive picture of your facial and jaw structure to assess the alignment and development of your teeth and jaws.

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