3D Printer

Utilizing the Latest and Greatest Technology for Your Smile!

Dr. Stoll and his team are always looking for ways we can enhance our patient experience and improve treatment outcomes. That’s why we are always seeking out the latest cutting-edge technology, like our 3D Printer! Our 3D printer allows us to create custom fit appliances in the office, leading to better outcomes and increased comfort during treatment!

This innovative technology allows us to print retainers, clear aligners, and custom brackets. We are able to print highly effective and accurate appliances in-house, with quicker turnaround times and easy in office repairs. Our in-house printing abilities untimely result in fast and more efficient treatment, which our patients love! 


Paving an Innovative Path in Orthodontics with 3D Printing Technology

With the use of 3D printing, Dr. Stoll is revolutionizing orthodontics by enhancing customization, improving patient outcomes, increasing comfort, and shortening treatment times.

Less Waiting, Faster Start Times

Utilizing our 3D printer almenas you spend less time waiting on your appliances to be delivered, so you can embark on your treatment journey faster than ever!

Precise Personalized Care

Our patients receive 3D printed appliances customized to their teeth and tailored to fit their needs, for accurate treatment and better outcomes.

Your Trusted Invisalign® Provider

Get the smile you deserve at the convenience of your schedule, with the DR. Stoll invisalign® Experience.


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