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Invisalign® For Adults

“It is so exciting to see our adult patients achieve the smile they have always dreamed of.  Invisalign® is such a great way to achieve your dream smile, while allowing you to enjoy your normal way of life.  We will ensure you achieve the smile of your dreams at the convenience of your busy schedule …  without the need of metal brackets and wires!”

Dr. Gregory Stoll

Welcome to the Digital Invisalign Experience

You and your teen will love our modern technology created for the finest patient experience and clinical results!
See a 3D computer rendering of what your smile will look like at the end of treatment without the need for any outdated, goopy impression material. Dr. Stoll then utilizes this technology to create a customized treatment plan that produces the perfect smile of your dreams!
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Every Adult Deserves a Gorgeous Smile!

It is never to late to transform your smile. If you want to achieve your dream smile ... We are to ensure it happens!

Dr. Stoll utilizes the finest software technology available for precise adjustments of every single tooth movement. This is another way to ensure your Invisalign® Treatment achieves impeccable results.

  • Modern 3D Technology
    Treatment is specific to your wants/needs. Advanced technologies ensure precise, accurate results that show you what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment … before your treatment even begins. 
  • Physics of Orthodontics
    Advanced software algorithms accurately calculate the amount of pressure needed for a tooth to move to the right position.
  • Planned Smiles
    Knowing exactly how your mouth will look and what is necessary to get there is key to crafting the perfect smile. Dr. Stoll and his team give detailed attention to each tooth to maximize results.

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