Invisalign For Adults



Invisalign For Adults

We know orthodontics can seem just as intimidating to adults as it can to teenagers, but we want you to know that at Stoll Orthodontics, we have the perfect, discreet treatment option for our adult patients. You don’t have to worry about hiding the brackets and wires that come with conventional braces. Our Invisalign Clear Aligners provide our adult patients with an aesthetic and convenient treatment option that won’t hinder their appearance or their schedules. Invisalign is made from medical-grade plastic and it’s molded to fit around each tooth for maximum comfort and efficiency. Because the trays are removable, you don’t have to worry about avoiding any foods, changing your oral hygiene routine or missing out on important social events! With Invisalign, Dr. Stoll can provide you with a seamless treatment experience and the smile out your dreams! 

Every Adult Deserves a Gorgeous Smile!

It is never too late to transform your smile. If you want to achieve your dream smile … We are to ensure it happens! Dr. Stoll utilizes the finest software technology available for precise adjustments of every single tooth movement. This is another way to ensure your Invisalign® Treatment achieves impeccable results.

Modern 3D Technology

Treatment is specific to your wants/needs. Advanced technologies ensure precise, accurate results that show you what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment … before your treatment even begins.


Physics of Orthodontics

Advanced software algorithms accurately calculate the amount of pressure needed for a tooth to move to the right position.


Planned Smiles

Knowing exactly how your mouth will look and what is necessary to get there is key to crafting the perfect smile. Dr. Stoll and his team give detailed attention to each tooth to maximize results.

Benefits of Invisalign

Comfortable Fit

Invisalign’s smooth, custom fit aligners provide patients with a seem less, comfortable fit free of pokey wires and brackets.

Fewer Emergency Visits

Invisalign clear aligners don’t rely on metal wires, so you’ll experience fewer emergency visits with your aligners trays!

Live, Uninterrupted

Never worry about your treatment interrupting your daily life. Simply take your trays out to eat, drink, brush and floss, or attend social events!

Non-wire Braces

Our Invisalign aligners are a great non-wire option for patients seeking a more discreet form of orthodontic treatment.

Shorter Treatment

Enjoy the same great results up to 50% faster than traditional braces with our Invisalign Clear Aligners.

Personalized Care

Dr. Stoll uses Invisalign to provide custom treatment tailored to fix your exact needs to give you the smile of your dreams!

Your Trusted Invisalign® Provider

Get the smile you deserve at the convenience of your schedule, with the DR. Stoll invisalign® Experience.

Invisalign Testimonials

Custom, Professional Care

Your Invisalign Journey​

Our Stoll Orthodontics team is proud to offer expert Invisalign services to help you achieve your best smile! If you’re looking for the best Invisalign care around, look no further than Dr. Stoll. He was the first orthodontist in Thornton, and one of the first in Colorado, to begin perfecting the clear aligners process. Dr. Stoll has experience treating several patients and is recognized by Invisalign as the top Invisalign Provider in Thornton, CO! Choosing Dr. Stollfor your Invisalign treatment means choosing excellence!

1. Meet with Dr. Stoll

Are you ready to straighten your teeth and finally have the smile of your dreams? The first step is super simple. Your Invisalign journey starts when you meet with Dr. Still and his team. His team will gather x-rays, digital scans, and photographs of your teeth to create a comprehensive model of your smile. After your digital smile replica is complete, Dr. Stoll will use that model to create a custom treatment plan for you!

2. Wear Your Aligners

After Dr. Stoll creates the perfect treatment plan tailored to your smile, you will receive a series of clear aligner trays, each one responsible for gradually moving your teeth into the correct position. You should aim to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day so your treatment stays on track. You can, however, take your trays out when you eat, drink, brush, floss, and for certain social events. .

3. Smile!

Congratulations! Dr. Stoll created the perfect customized treatment plan for you, you wore your aligners every day, and now, your treatment is over! All you have to do is wear your new smile proudly and show off your new straight teeth to everyone you see! Your treatment is complete, but it is extremely important for you to preserve your new smile. After you get your Invisalign trays off, our team will rescan your new smile to create retainers perfect for your teeth! Make sure to wear your retainers every night to preserve your new smile!


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Are you ready to achieve the smile of your dreams? Well, the first step to your best smile is to join the Stoll Orthodontics Family! Dr. Stoll and his team are ready to provide you and your family with top-notch orthodontic care to give you a beautiful and healthy smile. We have a feeling that you’ll love our fun and friendly environment and our dedicated team are ready to welcome you into the Stoll family, where you’ll receive top notch care at each appointment and through every virtual interaction. Call our Thornton, CO, office today to schedule your appointment and to join the Stoll Orthodontics family!