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We love our patients, and we are always thankful when they have great things to say about us. Listen to these three people who had amazing experiences working with Dr. Stoll

Removing A Bracket

Fixing Pokey Wires

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Invisalign in Thornton CO

Dr. Stoll and the team explain the best financing options for #StollOrthodontics with the #OrthoFi option!

Invisalign & Braces Retainers

The coolest part about having an in-office #lab is that there is no gap between finishing your #orthodontic treatment and wearing your #retainer! We’re able to get them to you quickly and remake them for you if you lose or break it!

Virtual Toure!

Virtual Appointments

Although we are making huge use of the #virtual technology and #appointments now during #COVID19, it’s something we’ve always offered and we truly believe will become even more of a necessity in the future