Six Hidden Benefits of Braces


Improving More than just Aesthetics At Stoll Smiles Orthodontics, most of our patients associate braces with achieving a picture-perfect, straight smile. But the cosmetic transformation braces bring to your smile isn’t the only reason we encourage orthodontic treatment. The benefits of orthodontic treatment reach far beyond the aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Stoll and the […]

Elastics for Braces – Everything You Need to Know


Are you ready to begin orthodontic treatment? Are you ready for the Stoll Orthodontics team to transform your smile? While orthodontic treatment will improve the look of your smile, it can also help correct your bite and can even improve the way your top and bottom jaw function together. Most people have heard of braces […]

How to Prepare for Braces


At Stoll Orthodontics in Thornton, Broomfield and Westminster, CO we know that even though most people have braces or clear aligners at some point in their life, getting braces can still be nerve-wracking. If you are feeling nervous, remember, it’s totally normal to be nervous! Once you get your braces, you will never have the […]

5 Habits That can be Harmful to Your Teeth


Hello, Dr. Greg Stoll here with Stoll Orthodontics in Thorton, CO. As your orthodontist, I want to teach you how to properly care for your teeth during and after your orthodontic treatment, so you can have the best smile possible!  Investing in the treatment process is a big commitment and we don’t want anything to […]

5 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Retainer

5 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Retainer

After months of wearing braces or clear aligner trays, you finally have the smile of your dreams from Stoll Orthodontics! And now that you know what your best smile looks like, you of course want to keep it that way. That is where your retainer comes into play. Dr. Stoll will provide you with a […]

5 Tips to Step Up Your Home Dental Care


Hello again! Dr. Greg Stoll here with Stoll Orthodontics and today we’d like to talk to you about cavities and your at-home dental care routine. We all dread finding out we have a cavity. Cavities often make us feel like we haven’t prioritized our oral health. Not only can cavities feel embarrassing, but they can […]

Why Straight Teeth Matter


Several patients pursue orthodontic treatment at Stoll Orthodontics so they can have an aesthetic, straight smile, but straight teeth provide more than just a pretty smile. Your teeth are meant to line-up and fit together, so they can properly do their job. When you have crooked teeth or misaligned jaws, your teeth can’t properly do […]

Three Reasons to Avoid Mail-Order Aligners


At Stoll Orthodontics, we know that braces and clear aligners are basically considered an essential part of growing up for kids and teens, and the popularity of orthodontic treatment for adults is becoming more and more common. People want beautiful smiles that make them feel confident, and they want them quickly! Recently, mail-order aligners have […]

Five Perks of Following Your Orthodontist on Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok are all social media apps we find ourselves, and our teens, browsing throughout the day. These social media platforms provide easy access to our friends, family members and even celebrities we follow. These platforms are also a practical way for patients to connect and stay up to date with their […]

5 Tips for Fresh Breath with Braces


Hello  Dr. Stoll here at Stoll Orthodontics in Thornton, CO. You have probably heard your friends talk about the not-so-glamorous side of having braces. But what’s the stinkiest part of braces? Yep, that’s right, bad breath! It’s definitely a part of braces no one wants to talk about, but it’s totally normal! If you notice […]