Retainers for a Lifetime

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The Purpose of Retainers

After you get your braces or clear aligners off, your retainer becomes extremely important in preserving your smile. It is crucial to wear your retainer every night, because the muscles in your cheeks are very strong and can cause your teeth to shift over time if you don’t have your retainer in to combat that movement.

Failing to wear your retainers as prescribed can cause your teeth to revert back to their original position. You definitely don’t want to waste your orthodontic investment and the dedicated time you spent in treatment when preserving your smile is as simple as popping your retainers in and going to bed. If your teeth do shift or revert back to their original place, you might require another round of braces or clear aligners. 


Retain Your Oral Health with Clean Retainers

Having a clean retainer is just as important as having one that fits your teeth properly. If your retainer is dirty, then it can cause an increase in bacteria, plaque, odors, and overall oral health issues. Make sure you perform a thorough cleaning routine after each wear to keep your retainer spick and span, preserving both your new smile as well as the healthy if you’re teeth. After your retainer is clean, and after each time you remove your retainers, make sure to return them to their case for safe storage.

Clean your retainer every day by rinsing it with lukewarm water, antibacterial soap, and a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep bacteria and plaque buildup away. Be sure to avoid hot water because it can warp the shape of your retainer. You should also deep clean your retainers once a week with an antibacterial denture cleaner to ensure your retainers stay fresh and clean through every use! 

Retainers for a Lifetime Means Never Having to Worry

Our team at Stoll Orthodontics understands how easy it can be to misplace your retainer Even if you’re an expert at keeping track of your retainer, over time, they just need to be replaced in order to remain effective. That is why we offer our Retainers for a Lifetime program! This program is an invaluable insurance plan that provides you with a new set of retainers if yours are lost, damaged, or simply need to be replaced. If you lose your retainer, damage your retainer, or notice your retainer has lost its effectiveness, give our office a call today and we will get you a new set of retainers to preserve that beautiful smile for a lifetime!

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What People Say


Read some of our patient reviews and get a small glimpse of the big impact Dr. Stoll and his team make on the community through orthodontic treatment.

What People Say

At Stoll Orthodontics, we are dedicated to giving our patients the best orthodontic experience possible. That starts with a warm, welcoming environment and a fun, friendly atmosphere. Dr. Stoll is always seeking the latest orthodontic treatment methods and advances in technology, so we can provide each patient with the best care possible. Our patients love their post treatment smiles, but they also enjoy their entire orthodontic experience thanks to our awesome Stoll Orthodontics team!

Read through some of our satisfied patients testimonials and get a taste of the impact Dr. Stoll and his team have on every patient that walks through our doors!