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3D iCat Rendering
from Stoll Orthodontics

3D iCat Rendering from Stoll Orthodontics

We are proud to offer the latest 3D imaging technology at Stoll Orthodontics with our 3D iCat x-ray machine. With your chin held in place by a supportive bar, our 3D iCat x-ray machine spins all the way around your head to capture 3D imaging of all your teeth and supporting facial bones. These images provide us with a complete picture of your facial anatomy and in turn, help us to diagnose orthodontic issues and to create custom treatment plans. 


This scan provides us with more information than previous 2D scans and allows us to see the Temporomandibular Joint and the airway as well as the teeth and bite. We can screen for misaligned bites, TMJ issues and airway constriction. With the 3D images we receive from the 3D iCat, we can take all data into account and determine the best treatment route for comprehensive oral health.