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“We would recommend this practice a million times over! Dr. Stoll and his beautiful staff are both professional and personable. When we walk through the door it is as if we are the only patient in the office. My 10 year old looks forward to coming to Dr. Stoll's office...that says it all. We have never seen a practice like this one and we are proud to say we would recommend Dr. Stoll to anyone and I have many times!”
Julie G.
I called our dentist & good friend to ask for some good orthodontists in the area. He said “hands down he sees the best results from Dr. Stoll.” We’ve now had three kids in braces and our dentist was absolutely right…their teeth and bites look amazing!! They all had such different issues – missing adult teeth, overcrowding and overbites. Dr. Stoll had an efficient treatment plan for each one of them!
Stacey M.
We met Dr. Stoll and his staff nine years ago. Everytime we walk in we are treated just like family. My son has completed his treatment; his smile has been completely transformed and is now perfect! My daughter is currently under treatment and her smile is improving tremendously. Dr. Stoll and his staff are amazing and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs orthodontic care!
Amanda C.
Many thanks to Dr. Stoll and the caring, dedicated and friendly staff at Stoll Orthodontics! My sons have completed their orthodontic treatments, one with Invisalign and the other with braces. Our third son is about to begin Invisalign this spring and he looking forward to it because his brothers enjoyed their experience! I recommend every family in need of orthodontic treatment see Dr. Stoll—he is exceptional!!
Debbie W.
While under treatment with stoll orthodontics, we are always greeted by name and it is a very welcoming office! Dr. Stoll and his staff treated all our children and now todd is undergoing invisalign. The kids never complained to get adjustments because they were so cared for during each visit. The staff and dr. Stoll take the time to get to know each patient. We would recommend his office and care to anyone seeking orthodontic work.
Jodi Thompson
We couldn’t be happier in choosing stoll orthodontics for my son’s braces. Dr. Stoll and his staff are amazing, always very welcoming and professional. They customized a treatment plan for nathan and when he got his braces off, his teeth and bite are perfect. I love seeing him smile!! Thank you stoll orthodontics!
Trina Dooley
After 7 years with multiple people in our family at stoll orthodontics, the staff feel like family as well. My daughter actually looks forward to her visits at stoll! The staff is great and dr. Stoll is a proven perfectionist. We love our stoll smiles!
Roz Smith
From the moment we walked into the office we felt very comfortable! We were given a tour of the office and were explained all the details of treatment for our kids. The staff and dr. Stoll make sure to know each patient right down to the sports they play! We are very happy with how our children’s teeth have changed since seeing dr. Stoll and his team. We definitely refer anyone we can!!
Briana Reidel
Dr. Stoll and staff are held in the highest regards in our family. My two handsome boys are both patients of stoll orthodontics. Their smiles have been transformed! Dr. Stoll and his staff are professional, courteous, polite and timely! We are always greeted with a warm smile and leave with a fresh baked cookie! It is truly an amazing and genuinely happy office!
Walker Family