Stoll Orthodontics | Thornton CO

Tracy Walker

For 27.5 months, I worked with the entire Stoll Orthodontics Staff. I feel I got to know them on a personal, as well as a professional, level. Their hard work, dedication, commitment, and positive attitudes showed up everytime I walked into the office until I walked out…and it wasn’t just a few staff members at one time or another. It was Everyone Everytime!
Their Mission Statement says they provide the highest quality orthodontic care and service for all of their patients and families. Their patients are their #1 priority and they will always treat the patients with utmost respect and compassion. THIS is what I received from everyone at the Stoll office for over two years.
I was a member of Team Stoll with Dr. Stoll at the helm. My smile is now the most beautiful smile I have ever seen thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication. I could not be happier! I am grateful to everyone for their dedication and commitment and I will never forget any of them!