Stoll Orthodontics | Thornton CO

Tammy Francisco

We as parents always put our children first. Sometimes you need to take the first step and do something for yourself. Referred to Dr. Stoll by my dentist Dr. Warner, I went in for a consultation. The staff was amazingly friendly and professional. All the questions I had were answered, thou still a little hesitate.
As a patient and a parent I did exactly that got braces. I only had on condition when this journey started, it was that it could not be seen as my daughter’s wedding was approaching February 2017. That condition was unremarkable no knew that i had braces. As I did my part of following the plan, with sometimes missing a day here and there. It was a team effort! It was a long journey to the finish line of completion, the results are so remarkable that I get complimented on how beautiful my smile is.
Finding the right fit is the key of the success.
Thank you to Dr. Stoll and his entire staff that help me on this journey of a lifetime of a beautiful wonderful SMILE.