Stoll Orthodontics | Thornton CO


The most important decision you will make when deciding to get braces is choosing the right orthodontist! Make the wrong decision and it will cost you more than just time and money. Trust me – l learned the hard way and spent 4 years with a different orthodontist, trying both Invisalign AND ceramic braces, only to be left with teeth that were not fully rotated and an even worse bite. My dentist strongly believed the misalignment and incorrect bite would eventually cause me to crack my teeth. I decided to continue my treatment with a different orthodontist and after extensive research and many consultations, I decided to go with Dr. Stoll for my second (and final) round of treatment. He is board certified (my previous orthodontist was not) and met every single one of my orthodontic goals, including what others said could not be done. He even completed my treatment months ahead of schedule! As an adult, my time is incredibly valuable and I must say that Dr. Stoll runs a fine tuned ship. I was always impressed by his office operations. I know that he sees many patients a day/week but never once did I feel like a number or have to wait long for my appointment. He took all of my concerns/questions seriously at each appointment, and more importantly, took the time to address them and ensured that I was happy with progress. I will also say that having been in different types of braces, his braces were the most comfortable throughout treatment. Another major difference to me was the application and removal process – so much quicker and much less painful! The service provided by his staff was also exceptional – they were accommodating of my appointment requests, fun to work with, and clearly passionate about what they do. I really enjoyed my appointments and not just because of the fresh, warm cookies or massage chairs. I only wish I had found Stoll Orthodontics sooner, and if so, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money. I highly recommend Stoll Orthodontics and encourage anyone considering braces to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stoll. He truly is the best!