Stoll Orthodontics | Thornton CO

Alan Russell

I was treated by Dr. Stoll and his staff a few years ago when I underwent Orthodontic care from December 2013 to August 2015.
And I must confess, the experience exceeded my expectations!
During my initial consultation Dr. Stoll and his staff thoroughly explained the process in terms that I could understand. There were no surprises. Even when there was an occasional problem, such as a loose wire or a loose bracket, Dr. Stoll and his staff were always available and accomodating to fix it as soon as possible, to minimize any undue discomfort.
The Orthodontic Technicians or Assistants were always fully informed and aware of the Plan of Care. At every one of my appointments they monitored my progress and expertly made the appropriate adjustments, under the exacting guidance of Dr. Stoll himself.
The office staff was always friendly, accomodating and carried out their duties with consumate professionallism. From the receprionist, to the administative staff, to the hygienists & technicians and Dr. Stoll himself, I always felt welcomed and well cared for at Stoll Orthodontics.
I always received service with a smile from Stoll Orthodontics and the Smile that I walked away with after my treatment, was worth every visit and was definitely worth the investment.
Oh, and did I mention? We were so pleased with the smile that I received from Dr. Stoll, that my daughter was treated by Dr. Stoll and his staff as well!